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How frequently are the listings updated?

This depends on the provider. Most listings are updated and checked every few hours but some are only checked every 1-2 days.

ImmoMapper matched listings incorrectly. What can I do?

ImmoMapper searches the internet for posted listings of homes for rent and for sale and aggregates found listings into its database. Often, landlords or real estate agents post their listing on multiple sites to get a bigger reach. ImmoMapper tries to match and consolidate these listings to avoid showing you duplicates. This matching process is done by an automatic algorithm.

This works well most of the time but sometimes the algorithm makes a mistake. This is particularly annoying when listings of different homes are being combined into the same listing.

If you are unhappy with the way your listing got incorporated into ImmoMapper please send an email to so we can examine the issue. We might not be able to correct the matching logic right away but are always happy to remove the incorrectly matched listing.

Sometimes I get multiple emails from my search abo about the same property. What's going on?

Occasionally, a real estate agent might list a property on a site like homegate but pulls it shortly thereafter only to relist the same property a few days later. If that happens immomapper might send another search abo email about this property. This is not optimal and I hope to get this fixed soon.