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How can I apply for a home on ImmoMapper?

To apply for a home or contact the owner or landlord you need to go to one of the original listings linked to under the heading “Original Listings” on the listing page.

ImmoMapper is a search engine and cannot help you with any kind of information on a home beyond what you see on the listing page.

Where are the listings on ImmoMapper coming from?

ImmoMapper is a search engine for real estate property in Switzerland. It show listings from all the major real estate portals as well as a number of smaller sites to give you a comprehensive overview of the market.

How frequently are the listings on ImmoMapper updated?

This depends on the original source. Most listings on ImmoMapper are updated every few hours but sometimes it may take a or two days.

A listing on ImmoMapper has incorrect information

Please let us know at so we can look into the matter.

A home is no longer available but still shown on ImmoMapper

Normally it should take less than a day for a home that has been removed from the original source to also automatically disappear from ImmoMapper.

If a home is still shown on ImmoMapper
please let us know at so we can remove it promptly.

ImmoMapper matched listings incorrectly. What can I do?

ImmoMapper searches the internet for listings of homes that are for rent or for sale and aggregates found listings. Oftentimes, landlords or real estate agents post a listing on multiple sites to reach more potential renters or buyers. ImmoMapper tries to identify, match and consolidate these listings to avoid showing you duplicates.

This matching process works well most of the time but sometimes the algorithm makes a mistake. This is particularly annoying when listings of different homes are mistakenly being combined into the same ImmoMapper listing.

If you notice such a mistake please send an email to so we can examine the issue. We might not be able to correct the matching logic right away but are always happy to remove the incorrectly matched listing.

Sometimes I get multiple emails from my search abo about the same property. What’s going on?

Sometimes, an owner or landlord might list a home on a site for a while but pulls it shortly thereafter only to relist the same property a few days later. If that happens and you are subscribed to an email alert about the home ImmoMapper might send several emails about this home.
This is not optimal and I hope to get this fixed soon.

Can I advertise my home on ImmoMapper?

ImmoMapper is a search engine and doesn’t have its own listings.
Therefore you can’t list a home on ImmoMapper directly.

Here’s what you could do instead:

If you are looking for a renter in or around Zurich I highly recommend using

where you can advertise the home for free.

Otherwise or to list a house or apartment for sale you could use

(both paid listings but biggest reach in Switzerland or use

as alternatives that offer free listings.

ImmoMapper will automatically find and incorporate your listing.

There are more real estate portals
for you to consider.

On the statistics pages, why do you use median and not the average?

The median is the value where 50% of house prices or rents are below and 50% are above. I chose it because it is less susceptible to extreme values. For example, if the price of a very expensive house changes from 5 to 6 Mio this affects the average value but not the mean.

How can I become a partner of ImmoMapper?

If you are interested to cooperate with ImmoMapper
please feel free to contact us

How can I advertise on ImmoMapper?

If you are interested in placing ads on ImmoMapper,
please contact us via e-mail at

How can I contact

You can reach us at

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