ImmoMapper Rent Index (August 2017)

ImmoMapper collects large amounts of data on rents and property prices across Switzerland and the database grows every day. My goal is to make more and more insights buried in this data available for users. As a first step I have calculated the ImmoMapper Rent Index that shows how cheap or expensive rents are for each municipality in Switzerland.

Email Alerts (July 2017)

You can now subscribe to searches by email to always get the latest listings for an area as soon as they become available.

For-sale properties (June 2017)

We have added for-sale properties to ImmoMapper which brings the total number of current listings to well over 100,000 homes.

Home price comparison (June 2017)

The page for a listing now shows the rental price compared to the rent of similar homes in the same neighborhood, municipality, and canton. (For-sale properties coming soon).

Complete Rewrite of ImmoMapper (June 2017)

ImmoMapper now shows all homes on an scrollable list for easy browsing. It also has a new, more stable backend and uses a completely new spidering engine.