What's new

May 2020: Improved email alerts

You can now edit your email alerts by being able to modify both the geographic region as well as the selection filters.

July 2019: Hiding objects

Saving favorite homes has been possible for quite some time with ImmoMapper. Now you can also hide ("x-out") home: If you've seen a home and decided it's not for you just hide it by pressing the "Hide" button and it will disappear from all future searches and not clutter your feed - very handy!

Another thing: We now subtly gray out the cards of objects you have already seen so you can more easily keep track of homes that you have of haven't looked at so far.

Mai 2019: ImmoMapper is now responsive and mobile ready, finally!
This is an often requested feature and finally it is here. I'm still ironing out the edges, but it should be working. Please send feedback if you encounter any problems.
April 2019
French version.
März 2019: Real estate market statistics for property sales
In addition to the rental market statistics ImmoMapper has been compiling for the past couple of months, we now also compile and publishe median offered prices for houses and apartments for sale in all Swiss municipalities where we have enough data.
Check out the extended data for Zürich, Genève, Basel, Lausanne, and Bern. This data will be updated every month as well.
February 2019
I made a few changes to the frontend:
  • You can now filter to see just the listings that ImmoMapper found in the last 24 hours.
  • ImmoMapper now uses a nicer background map from OpenMapTiles based on OpenStreetMap data
  • The red and blue points that show the locations of homes for rent and for sale, respectively, have a new design for improved readebility.
January 2019
UrbanHome is now integrated more reliably.
January 21, 2019: Rental market statistics
ImmoMapper now compiles and publishes median rents and rent pricing trends for all Swiss municipalities with enough data (currently over 600). For example, here's the data for Zürich, Genève, Basel, Lausanne, and Bern. This data will be updated every month.
September 2018: Property price comparison
Rentals had this feature for a while and now for-sale properties have it too.
February 2018
  • Noise and accessibility maps: ImmoMapper now shows you noise and accessibility maps from swisstopo so you can get an impression of how noisy the neighborhood is and how well the home is connected to the larger cities in Switzerland.
  • Rent price history: For selected homes we track the offered rent frequently and show you if the rent has changed. Why is this interesting? Due to less immigration and a glut of supply the market has become a bit more renter friendly recently with units staying longer on the market and landlords being forced to reduce offered rents.
December 2017
  • Better map: If you zoom in you can now see the rental and sales prices for each home displayed directly on the map. Perfect to explore the neighborhood!
  • Location Search and Better Filters: I have added location search to make it dead simple to find any city quickly. Also, you can now filter by type (apartment, house etc) and by size.
  • German Language Version: Being German I don't know what took me so long ;-)
August 2017: ImmoMapper Rent Index
ImmoMapper collects large amounts of data on rents and property prices across Switzerland and the database grows every day. My goal is to make more and more insights buried in this data available for users. As a first step I have calculated the ImmoMapper Rent Index that shows how cheap or expensive rents are for each municipality in Switzerland.
July 2017: Email alerts
You can now subscribe to searches by email to always get the latest listings for an area as soon as they become available.
June 2017: For-sale properties
We have added for-sale properties to ImmoMapper which brings the total number of current listings to well over 100,000 homes.
June 2017: Home price comparison
The page for a listing now shows the rental price compared to the rent of similar homes in the same neighborhood, municipality, and canton. (For-sale properties coming soon).
June 2017: Complete rewrite of ImmoMapper
ImmoMapper now shows all homes on an scrollable list for easy browsing. It also has a new, more stable backend and uses a completely new spidering engine.

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